Sunrise Ridge Update Monday November 21

Sunrise Ridge had the first snow of the season this week.  It has affected construction a bit.  On Saturday 11/19, we were supposed to have the roof tiles installed on 4008 and 4010 Rock Creek…but there was snow still on the roof, so that work was delayed.  Both 4008 and 4010 have had the electrical wires run and boxes installed.  The electricians are almost done.  Next will be insulation.  Final grade work was completed.  We are waiting for stone outside.

4008 Rock Creek is waiting for a buyer.  If we are able to get a buy in the next couple of weeks they can still make selections of tile.  This is a great way to personalize the home and make it yours.  If you are considering purchasing one of these great homes…now is a great time.  4008 Rock Creek has wonderful views of both Longs Peak and Horsetooth Rock.  It will have one of the deepest backyards in the subdivision.

4014 and 4016 should get construction underway this week.  They will be staking the lot on Wednesday and digging after that.  The fun begins.