Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday April 18

In honor of tax day, did you know that if you buy a home the interest on your loan is tax deductible.  Another positive for buying at Sunrise Ridge is that it is not located in a metro taxing district therefore your taxes will be lower.  This week at Sunrise Ridge we have had a lot of work completed.  The framing on 4014 and 4016 Rock Creek has continued and you can now see an upright building taking shape.  The cabinets have arrived at 4010 and are being installed, tile work is complete, and little details are being finished everyday. 4008 is getting ever closer to completion, hardware has been installed on doors this week, and other little details are being finished also.  If you are interested getting to see one of these high end homes, you can set up your personal showing and have your questions answered by either calling 970-310-8379 or by filling out the form on the “Request Information” section of the website located at the top right hand side of the screen.