Sunrise Ridge Update Monday August 7

So…you have looked at a new construction project and then you come and see what Sunrise Ridge has to offer and you are now trying to decide.  How do you make an informed decision?  Make sure that you understand what is included with both.

When looking at new construction you will often go and look at the model.  It is good to ask the question, “What would this home sell for today, if it was on the market.”  That gives you a good idea of how much the model is upgraded.  It is also a good idea to have the builder’s representative walk with you through the model and point out upgrades.  If the things that considered upgrades are important to you to have in your new home, it is a good idea to find out what those upgrades cost.  Sit down with the builder’s representative to go over all of this so that you have a price on the home that is real.  You may need to set up an appointment.  This is time well spent. Get the information.  Now you know what you would want and what it would cost you.  Make sure you find out if things like: garage door openers, landscaping, fencing and refrigerator are included in the price.

Next it is a good idea to come to Sunrise Ridge and compare.  We have a LONG list of standard features.  We DO INCLUDE landscaping, fenced yard, garage door openers, low “e” windows, details like coffered ceilings and central a/c.

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