Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday October 25

Sunrise Ridge Roof

Roof tiles loaded on

Sunrise Ridge Back Roof

The back side of 4014 Rock Creek with the tiles loaded onto the roof.

There has been some progress on the Fort Collins Patio Homes at Sunrise Ridge.  We have roof tiles in the roof at 4014 rock Creek.  Why do we load the tiles on the roof and let them sit there before they are installed? that is done so that the roof trusses can adjust to the weight of the roof tiles before installations. Another reason is because we have two different companies provide the services.  We have one company that loads the roof and another one that installs the tiles.

Some inspections were completed on October 24th by the City of Fort Collins.  Before insulation can occur, there are many inspections that are necessary and that must be signed off by the city.  They check electrical, plumbing, framing, gas connections and other things.  Once all have been checked and approved insulation can be completed.  Currently we only have 4 of our current released lots left available, and they are some of the best.  For more information on making one of these homes yours give Lestel a call at 970-310-8379, and follow us on Facebook for weekly updates.  Come find out what Patio Home living in Fort Collins can be like.