Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday January 10

Some of new construction is pretty and nice to look at, other parts of new
construction are dirty and needed.  We have both kinds of work happening
at 4014 and 4016 Rock Creek.  We have gutters going up today, that would
be dirty and needed.  We also have stone work continuing on 4016.  The
masons have the stone and supplies spread all over the driveway and are
working away.  Roofers are making every effort to finish up the roof at
4016 before the next storm moves in and brings snow.  Other work that is
occurring today are the details of railings, glass shower doors and more
at 4014.  Pictures highlight the beautiful tile selections that the buyers
have made for their home.  These items would be some of the pretty parts
of new construction.  The personalization that turns a house into a home
for our buyers. Final finishing touches at 4014 Rock Creek will bring us
to our closing day, which is just days away.
If you like what you see and would like more information please call
Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379.  Please check us out on Facebook…and don’t
forget to like our page.