Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday January 23

This has been a cold messy week at Sunrise Ridge.  The stone guys were trying to stay dry and working today to finish up 4016.  Weather can really get in the way this time of year and make it so hard for the guys that have to work outside.  We so appreciate them and their hard work. We are continuing the interior trim work.  Once that is complete we will be laying the wood floors and the tile.  4016 will start to look more like a home inside and less like a construction site.

This week we also wanted to answer a question that we are frequently asked. What is the design process at Sunrise Ridge?  Our unique design process involves several steps and starts with an appointment at Schroll Cabinets.  Schroll Cabinets are our supplier for all of the cabinets in the home.  Schroll Cabinets are made in Cheyenne, WY.  Our local show room is located at 3600 Mitchell Dr. #80, Fort Collins.  It is just north of Palmer Flowers.

During your first design appointment at Schroll you will be figuring out your style and what overall look you would like in your home.  Are you Farmhouse, Traditional, Contemporary or something else. You will explore not just style but specific cabinets, looking at wood, painted cabinets and even door styles.  You may be surprised that there is so much to cabinet selection. During this appointment you will familiarize yourself with all of the options, probably not making your decisions but just getting ideas.  This appointment will take about one hour. Next you will probably come back to Schroll for final selections.  We do not rush this process and want you completely comfortable with what you have chosen.

Once cabinets have been selected we move on….but we will talk about next steps next week.

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