Sunrise Ridge Update Friday February 16


What are the challenges of new construction?

If you have ever built a home you could answer this question with a list of challenges that are a part of the process.  Many would say the overall process, timing, detailed decisions that have to be made & other things both big & small.  One of the issues in the new construction process is: How do I get the schedule to work so that I sell my home at the “best time” & also do not have to move twice?  I will address this issue in this week’s blog post.

First let’s address the thought of the “best time” to sell my house.  I am often told by sellers that I want my house on the market in the spring because that is the best time to sell.  I have to asked the question, “why do you feel that is the best time.”  Is it because the weather is nice or because you feel that is when everyone moves.  I will agree that the weather is nice in the spring…but that is not when everyone moves.  We have a very active, year around real estate market in Fort Collins.  Having your home on the market in the winter, has its advantages.  Fewer homes are on the market that time of year so you have less competition.  The buyers that are looking are very motivated to buy & will pay top dollar for the right house. We have a shortage of available homes for sale in Northern Colorado & this has been the case for a long time.  That means with the demand, in almost every price range, we have a seller’s market.  You can get top dollar for your home, that has been prepared for sale, no matter what time of year you put it on the market.  You could make arrangements for a rent back or delayed possession.  Talk to your agent or Lestel about how to make the sale of your home a pleasant process.

Many are concerned about the possibility of having to move more than once.  At Sunrise Ridge we do not require that your home be under contract or sold before you close on your new home.  This makes the process a bit less stressful.  You could possibly close on both homes the same day.  If you end up closing on your old home before your new home is finished, arrangements can be made for temporary housing.  Temporary housing in Fort Collins is quite pleasant & trouble free.

The issues that can cause stress in the process of building a home can be addressed & minimized.  Building a new home can be a wonderful experience. Call to find out lot availability & how we can assist you in building your new home! Lestel Meade, Century 21 Humpal Inc. 970-310-8379 or