Sunrise Ridge Update Friday April 6

Stakes are in and trees are gone at Sunglow Court. We have had a productive week. The surveyor was out early in the week and marked the location of all of the homes. If you have a home under contract on Sunglow Court you should come out and see where your new home will be placed. There is no guessing now. The old trees are all gone now and thing are really starting to look different and more like a construction site. We also have dirt being moved. Next week we should have some holes.

The current residents of Sunglow Court, the prairie dogs should begin packing up shortly.  A young girl asked this week what would happen to the prairie dogs.  The answer for anyone who is curious is that they will move to where ever they would like to, there are a number of suitable areas nearby and they will establish a new colony on their own.

We have one lot left.  If you are interested or know someone that should make their next home in Sunrise Ridge have them call or text Lestel at 970-310-8379.  You can also fill out the Request Information sheet.  To get weekly updates like and follow us on Facebook.