Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday July 17


Much work has been occurring behind the scenes at Sunrise Ridge.  There is not much to show and things do not look much different but work is happening.  Both sides of lot 4 are ready for footings.   The final permit details are being worked through and we should have that from the City the week of July 30th.

The excavator has informed us that digging for the foundations on both sides of lot 3 will begin next week.  He was pulled away for another job.  That is the reason we do not have all of the equipment on site.

4014 and 4016 Rock Creek now have their final landscaping completed.  From the pictures you can see how the shared driveways will look on Sunglow Court.  We will not have the curve to the driveway that they do, but you can get an idea of front yards and landscaping.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook, please do!  If you have any questions about Sunrise Ridge call or text Lestel @ 970-310-8379 to learn more or you can fill out the Request Information sheet on the website.  Enjoy Summer!