Sunrise Ridge Update Monday August 20

Happy Monday!  We have a completed hole on lot 3.  We even had dirt work happening on Sunday to get us to this point.  We should have an open hole inspection completed by the City of Fort Collins today or tomorrow and the already conditioned dirt can be put back in the hole.  Or as the workman say “back fill the hole.”  You can tell the difference in the conditioned soil and the dry soil.  The conditioned soil is a darker color and hold together better.  The dry soil acts like flour and just falls apart.  After conditioned soil is put back in the hole we will be ready to start digging lot 2.   As always if you have any questions about Sunrise Ridge call or text Lestel @ 970-310-8379 to learn more or you can fill out the Request Information sheet. To get weekly updates make sure that you like and follow us on Facebook.