Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday October 23


We are nearing the end of October and making progress. It is amazing to me that even in a process that seems simple, in 2018, technology can be a part of it. Moving dirt today uses electronic lasers so that the operator of the heavy equipment knows just how deep to go or how much to fill to have the hole to the correct depth.

We are finishing up the fill of lot two with the conditioned dirt. The last piles that are around are for filling after the foundations are done at that point the leftover dirt will be pushed up against the foundation to create proper slope away from the home.

Work continues on permits for all eight homes. We are closer than we were, but we do not have permits in hand. It is a step by step process that requires revisions and updates. There are a couple of items to be completed and then site specific permit applications can be submitted. They are completed and ready to be uploaded to the City of Fort Collins.

We have added the most recent HOA meeting minutes that are available. We have had a couple of meetings since these, however minutes have not yet been provided. Check them out here on the website. Feel free to contact our HOA president if you have questions. He is Robert Schonbrun and his email is:

As always, feel free to contact us with questions or if you would like more information about Sunrise Ridge. Lestel Meade, Century 21 Humpal Inc 970-310-8379 or and follow Sunrise Ridge on Facebook  for weekly updates.