Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday February 26

It is easy to see things happening at Sunrise Ridge.  Lot 1 has had the backhoe in the hole and it has been busy removing dirt.  Work on that lot was even happening on Saturday.  The work is not complete but a lot of dirt has been removed.  Lot 2 has had the excavation completed and the surveyor has certified the lot.  It is ready for footers.

Lot 4 has had much happening behind the scenes. Framers have been out.  All materials have been ordered for framing including roof trusses.  In the next couple of days back fill should be complete and gravel will be added to the hole before foundation floor.  Work is being done on water and sewer lines.

Lot 3 is awaiting the permit before additional work can be done.  A new code requirement means that all homes at Sunrise Ridge will have 2 x 6 construction.  This means more energy efficiency and quieter homes.

If you would like more information about Sunrise Ridge please reach out to Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379 or