Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday May 2

One of the “joys” of living in Colorado is that we can have construction delays due to snow even as late as the end of April.  This week our framers had a snow day as snow flakes swirled around our construction site and we had an accumulation of about 5 inches. The framers got right back at it the next day and have been installing trusses to the houses on lot four.  Sheeting is going up on 5218 Sunglow.  Framing is an exciting time because you can see so much progress on a house in such a short period of time.  Once framing is completed then it appears that the process slows as plumbing and electrical and windows are completed.  The process continues you just don’t see things changing day to day, in such big ways as framing.

We have one lot left to sell from our currently released lots.  Call or email Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379 or to get more information.