Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday May 14

Wow what a difference a week makes. Sheeting is almost complete on 5218 Sunglow (Lot 4B) and the framers have already started sheeting the other side 5220 Sunglow (Lot 4A). Framing has been progressing swimmingly on both homes. Once this framing phase is complete HVAC will be installed before other work can move forward. Additionally, window delivery occurred this morning for basement windows.

Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday May 2

One of the “joys” of living in Colorado is that we can have construction delays due to snow even as late as the end of April.  This week our framers had a snow day as snow flakes swirled around our construction site and we had an accumulation of about 5 inches. The framers got right back at it the next day and have been installing trusses to the houses on lot four.  Sheeting is going up on 5218 Sunglow.  Framing is an exciting time because you can see so much progress on a house in such a short period of time.  Once framing is completed then it appears that the process slows as plumbing and electrical and windows are completed.  The process continues you just don’t see things changing day to day, in such big ways as framing.

We have one lot left to sell from our currently released lots.  Call or email Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379 or to get more information.

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday April 23

Big News… We have gone vertical on Sunglow Court.  The framers have been working away, even on Saturday, and we have a sill plate for both homes on lot 4.  The sill plate is the wood framing that lies between foundation and the first floor.  The framing has begun on 5218 Sunglow Court.  This is an exciting time where progress moves fast and it is so fun to see the house growing before your eyes.

If you are interested in being a part of what is happening at the Sunrise Ridge patio homes in Fort Collins, Colorado please contact Lestel at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday April 16

We have some progress to report on lot 4.  We have a basement floor.  The cement truck was there yesterday and the pictures today show that the floor is complete.

Lot 1 has seen progress this week on the hole.  There is still dirt that needs to be removed, but not as much as last week.  One good solid day with the back hoe and that hole should be completed. Even with all of the moisture that we have been receiving water still needs to be sprayed as the dirt is being moved around to minimize the dust and dirt in the air.

We have lots available at Sunrise Ridge.  IF you would like more information please contract Lestel at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday April 9

Work was happening at Sunrise Ridge today.  The garage floors were poured on lot 4 and the basement was being prepared for the pour there.  All of the plumbing was completed last week.  In addition to the work being completed on lot 4 we have also had work happening on lot 1.  I will update as more is happening.  If you have interest in Sunrise Ridge please contact Lestel Meade, Century 21 Humpal Inc. 970-310-8379 or for more information.

Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday April 4

Welcome to April.  As with construction, just when you thought you had your groove going, something got in the way.  We had a partial delivery of wood and the rest came the next day with no one unload and no equipment to unload with.  We are not sure what the delivery guy was thinking…..We have not see him come back with the load that was labeled HOUTS and ready for delivery.  We have been working on plumbing with the absence of wood for framing. Nice weather days are making us all anxious for progress to see and progress to report.  Hopefully both are just around the corner.