Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday September 25




Things are looking quite different out at Sunrise Ridge. We have fencing up around our open holes.  We are not trying to hide anything, just trying to protect the safety of our neighbors and be more secure. If you would like to look and see what is happening or need an update please feel free to call/text or email Lestel and she will get you in.

Sunrise Ridge Update Friday September 6th

We have progress going on at Sunrise Ridge. The stucco guys have been working
hard this week and last week on the exteriors of 5218 and 5220 Sunglow Ct. We
have four layers that make up the exterior finish of the houses out at Sunrise
Ridge. The first layer is the water proof layer, next is netting that looks like
chicken wire and the last two are actually troweled on. We have the first three
layers on. The last will be the most exciting because it will be the color coat. I
never know what color the house will be until that is applied.
Inside we have our electrical completed on 5218 Sunglow Court and we have a
live electrical panel. I say that it is complete…but we still need fixtures and
switches. However the rough electrical is done. Work has also been occurring on
our sprinkler system. Each home at Sunrise Ridge has a sprinkler system in case of
fire. That is a City of Fort Collins code requirement for attached dwellings. This
system is quite elaborate and requires much time to install. But our neighbors are
safer if there was a fire. Next post should be pictures of stucco complete and we will know the house color of 5218 Sunglow Ct. Until then, enjoy the last heat of summer.

Sunrise Ridge Update Friday August 23

A good amount of work has taken place in the last week out at Sunrise Ridge. Stucco work is in progress. There are a total of 4 coats in this process and 2 of 4 coats are almost complete. This process begins with a waterproof coat that has already been installed. Now the stucco installers are adding mesh and should be done by the end of the week. The next step will be to trowel on the actual stucco, followed by the fourth and final coat which is the color coat. On the inside of the homes the trades people are wrapping up a few miscellaneous jobs. Please call Lestel if you have questions or for more information at 970-310-8379 or email at If you are interested in calling Sunrise Ridge home we do have lots available.

Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday August 15

It is easy to just drive by Sunglow and think nothing is going on. There are few
work trucks on the cul-de-sac…and the outside just looks the same. Inside there
has been much going on. We have doors that have arrived and are being installed.
Soon we will have both sides secure. Inside we have also had HVAC work
completed. We have furnaces, duct work and even the wiring for the thermostat.
Speaking of wiring, we have the electricians working hard and most of the wiring
has been pulled through the homes and it is looking good. Plumbing has been
completed. We also have all the parts ready for the garage doors, they just need
We do have lots available. Please call Lestel for more information. 970-310-8379
or email at

Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday July 18

Construction fun continues. We have windows, windows, and more windows on lot 4. Garage doors are on. Soon the units will be tight. and ready for more interior work to take place. Timbered window wells should be installed next on these two homes

Please contact Lestel if you are interested in more information about living in
Sunrise Ridge! 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday July 9

Hello From Sunrise Ridge! This past week has seen a lot of dirt moving in the
neighborhood. Both lot one and lot 2 have had prep work done to prepare them
for footers/pre-foundation. Final conditioned soil has been added to the lots.
Lot four we has duct work going in and furnaces being installed. Plumbers have
completed their initial work on both houses. Windows should be just around the
corner. Supplies have been delivered for the timbered window wells. So many
things going….but progress really does not seem that great since framing is
Please contact Lestel if you are interested in more information about living in
Sunrise Ridge! 970-310-8379 or