Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday July 18

Construction fun continues. We have windows, windows, and more windows on lot 4. Garage doors are on. Soon the units will be tight. and ready for more interior work to take place. Timbered window wells should be installed next on these two homes

Please contact Lestel if you are interested in more information about living in
Sunrise Ridge! 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday July 9

Hello From Sunrise Ridge! This past week has seen a lot of dirt moving in the
neighborhood. Both lot one and lot 2 have had prep work done to prepare them
for footers/pre-foundation. Final conditioned soil has been added to the lots.
Lot four we has duct work going in and furnaces being installed. Plumbers have
completed their initial work on both houses. Windows should be just around the
corner. Supplies have been delivered for the timbered window wells. So many
things going….but progress really does not seem that great since framing is
Please contact Lestel if you are interested in more information about living in
Sunrise Ridge! 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Friday June 28

This week at Sunrise Ridge we had tradesmen swarming to complete tasks.
Plumbers were finishing up the rough in plumbing. Roofers were completing the
plastic wrap and flashing for the roofs on lot 4. We also had HVAC guys out
installing duct work and equipment. We had excavation work happening on lot
one. That should be about ready to wrap up. Get ready to watch some
foundation work happening in July! We have one lot to release in the next week
or so. If you know anyone that you might like as a neighbor please have them
call, text or email. or 970-310-8379.

Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday June 19

The tradesmen continue to make progress at Sunrise Ridge! We had sump pits install this week. All plumbing was completed this week and HVAC technicians were seen on site starting their work. This coming week we should have HVAC completed. Dave has met with both buyers onsite to ensure that framing is complete and includes the details that the buyers want. Looking at the two homes, they are very customized to their needs and desires. That is one of delights at Sunrise Ridge. These are not track houses…they are customized to the buyers request.
If you have questions or interest in Sunrise Ridge please call or email Lestel @ 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday June 11

Building continues at Sunrise Ridge! No great news there. The framers have moved on and will be back for one day to do details in the homes on lot 4. Now plumbers are working away. We have also had the roofers out to place the water proof layer that is put down before the roofing tiles are placed. HVAC will be starting late this week. We have quite a bit going on…but it is not easy to see now because the work is on the inside. There is just nothing like framing to really make progress show. Lot 1 had conditioned dirt added back to the hole preparing it for foundation. We will be moving from lot 4 to lot 1 soon.

Know someone who would like to live at Sunrise Ridge. Please have them call or email Lestel. 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday May 28

Rain, rain go away, so we can get something done today. The Fort Collins
Coloradoan was quoted as reporting that Fort Collins has received “rain or snow
71% of the past 62 days.” That makes construction difficult given we are at
framing. The framers continue to work, even having some guys working on
Memorial Day.

The pictures above show the customization that can occur out at Sunrise Ridge.
These homes are not track homes, they are semi-custom. Basements can be
finished to your liking and as you can see in framing the doors and windows can
be quite different.

If you would like to learn more about Sunrise Ridge, call/text Lestel @ 970-310-
8379 or email at

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday May 14

Wow what a difference a week makes. Sheeting is almost complete on 5218 Sunglow (Lot 4B) and the framers have already started sheeting the other side 5220 Sunglow (Lot 4A). Framing has been progressing swimmingly on both homes. Once this framing phase is complete HVAC will be installed before other work can move forward. Additionally, window delivery occurred this morning for basement windows.