Sunrise Ridge Update Thursday April 4

Welcome to April.  As with construction, just when you thought you had your groove going, something got in the way.  We had a partial delivery of wood and the rest came the next day with no one unload and no equipment to unload with.  We are not sure what the delivery guy was thinking…..We have not see him come back with the load that was labeled HOUTS and ready for delivery.  We have been working on plumbing with the absence of wood for framing. Nice weather days are making us all anxious for progress to see and progress to report.  Hopefully both are just around the corner.

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday March 19

Happy Tuesday.  It is that time of year where the unpredictable weather can impact work especially in the early stages.  Thankfully the snow last week has melted off with our recent warm temperatures and allowed us to get some work done.  This week the back fill on lot 4 is complete as you can see from the pictures, also as you can see from the pictures is the pile of pea gravel they used in the backfill process.  Framing will be coming up next on lot 4 while the other lots continue to move forward with the foundation process.

If you are interested in calling Sunrise Ridge your next home, make a call to Lestel first at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday February 26

It is easy to see things happening at Sunrise Ridge.  Lot 1 has had the backhoe in the hole and it has been busy removing dirt.  Work on that lot was even happening on Saturday.  The work is not complete but a lot of dirt has been removed.  Lot 2 has had the excavation completed and the surveyor has certified the lot.  It is ready for footers.

Lot 4 has had much happening behind the scenes. Framers have been out.  All materials have been ordered for framing including roof trusses.  In the next couple of days back fill should be complete and gravel will be added to the hole before foundation floor.  Work is being done on water and sewer lines.

Lot 3 is awaiting the permit before additional work can be done.  A new code requirement means that all homes at Sunrise Ridge will have 2 x 6 construction.  This means more energy efficiency and quieter homes.

If you would like more information about Sunrise Ridge please reach out to Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Monday February 18

Progress continues at Sunrise Ridge. The waterproofing was completed on the foundation on lot 4. Lot 3 had footers added to the hole. On lot two we have final elevation and the hole is market for footers. Lonely lot one has not seen too much happening this last week or so. We will try to get something moving there so that we have something to report.  For more information contact Lestel Meade at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday February 6


We have busy tradesmen at Sunrise Ridge. We have the foundation forms
removed from the foundation pour on lot 4. On lot three we have the final grade and
the tradesmen are installing the forms in the hole for footers. Lot 2 has dirt being
moved around and the lot is being prepared for the final grade. I am happy to
report that on lot one we have the beginnings of a hole, it is not complete, but it
is started.

Updates are fun but I am often asked what it is like to live in Sunrise Ridge.
Having lived there nearly four years I would have to say it is most enjoyable. We
have had a thoughtful, fun mystery going on at Daylight Court. Over the course of the last several months, someone is providing all of the people on our driveway with
a cute little painted rock for the changing of the season. We received one last
summer, a lady bug. At the beginning of winter, we received the snowflake and
over this past weekend, the heart painted rock. None of us know who is doing it,
but we are all enjoying the happy mystery.

If you would like to consider being a part of this great neighborhood, please
contact Lestel to explore lot availability. She can be reached at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Friday February 1

Happy Friday.  Forms are up and concrete is being poured for the foundations of both sides of lot 4.  Excavation continues on the other lots as does surveying.  Framers will be out as soon as foundations are poured to begin the structure of the new homes.  Homes will be starting to take shape out there very shortly.  If you want to be apart of the excitement at Sunrise Ridge please call Lestel @ 970-310-8379 or email at