Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday February 6


We have busy tradesmen at Sunrise Ridge. We have the foundation forms
removed from the foundation pour on lot 4. On lot three we have the final grade and
the tradesmen are installing the forms in the hole for footers. Lot 2 has dirt being
moved around and the lot is being prepared for the final grade. I am happy to
report that on lot one we have the beginnings of a hole, it is not complete, but it
is started.

Updates are fun but I am often asked what it is like to live in Sunrise Ridge.
Having lived there nearly four years I would have to say it is most enjoyable. We
have had a thoughtful, fun mystery going on at Daylight Court. Over the course of the last several months, someone is providing all of the people on our driveway with
a cute little painted rock for the changing of the season. We received one last
summer, a lady bug. At the beginning of winter, we received the snowflake and
over this past weekend, the heart painted rock. None of us know who is doing it,
but we are all enjoying the happy mystery.

If you would like to consider being a part of this great neighborhood, please
contact Lestel to explore lot availability. She can be reached at 970-310-8379 or

Sunrise Ridge Update Friday February 1

Happy Friday.  Forms are up and concrete is being poured for the foundations of both sides of lot 4.  Excavation continues on the other lots as does surveying.  Framers will be out as soon as foundations are poured to begin the structure of the new homes.  Homes will be starting to take shape out there very shortly.  If you want to be apart of the excitement at Sunrise Ridge please call Lestel @ 970-310-8379 or email at

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday January 22

Despite our recent poor weather work is still making excellent progress out on Sunglow Court.  The concrete forms are all in place on lot 4 and awaiting the concrete foundation pour.  Unfortunately the pour cannot be done yet because of today’s weather.  Hopefully we will get a good weather day in the next day or two so the pour can be completed.  Once the foundation is in and set we have the framers lined up and ready to roll.  The next several weeks will see a lot of things take shape and is always the point of construction where it appears that the most work is being done, this is because of the drastic changes on site day to day.  Permits for Lot 3 should be ready for pick up from the City of Fort Collins at some point this week.  We are excited to share with you all the progress as it happens.

If you want to be apart of the excitement at Sunrise Ridge please call Lestel @ 970-310-8379 or email at

Sunrise Ridge Update Tuesday January 15

Wow…do we ever have work happening out at Sunrise Ridge!  There were a bunch of cars belong to tradesman on the cul-de-sac this afternoon and we have forms going in the hole for footers on lot 4.  The foundation guy was wanting to get the footers in today, before dark and will be working in the hole over the next several days to get us a foundation.  Things are happening.

If you want to be apart of the excitement at Sunrise Ridge please call Lestel @ 970-310-8379 or email at

Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday January 9

Happy Wednesday.  Yesterday we had some grading to prepare the lots as well as follow up surveying.  Survey crew has been out and about finalizing to make sure that each house is exactly where it needs to be before foundations are poured.  You can see in the pictures one of their pink spray paint lines, those lines are all over the place out at the construction site.  Some foundation equipment is now on site, and the foundation crew starts forming tomorrow on Lot #4.  Lot #3 should be starting to be poured at some point mid to late next week.  Work will begin to move from behind the scenes work to production that you can actually see.  We are all looking forward to that!

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Sunrise Ridge Update Wednesday January 2

Happy New year to all!  The holidays are over and now it is time to get some work done!  As you all know…we have had a cold end and a cold beginning to the new year.  The words “weather permitting” certainly apply to any work that can be done now.  At this point in construction, when we have foundations needing to go into the ground, the temperature needs to be higher than the cold stuff we have been having.  The weather forecast for late this week is for warmer temperatures.  Our “foundation guy” knows that we are all anxiously awaiting progress so hopefully we are going to see some work happening the end of the week.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2019 and much construction happening at Sunrise Ridge.

If you have questions about Sunrise Ridge please feel free to contact Lestel at 970-310-8379 or email at



Sunrise Ridge Update Friday December 21

Sunrise Ridge update!  We will soon have foundation forms in lot four.  We are moving forward and construction is about to begin.  We have permit approval.  We are not sure exactly when this will all start, we are hoping 12/26.  We also had the surveyor out this week to verify that stakes are placed correctly for lot one.  There was some question/concern.  We are good to go and digging on that lot may start as early as next week.  It is never clear, when we are around the holidays, how much work will get accomplished and when by our tradesmen.  We appreciate all that they do and also want them to have holiday time with their families.  All of us involved with Sunrise Ridge want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season.   Here is to a new year with much construction and new homes! 

Please feel free to contact us about Sunrise Ridge.  I can be reached at 970-310-8379 or  Lestel Meade, Century 21 Humpal Inc.